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And you have stiff shoulders, head aches, body pain, migraines, feel stressed, and/or want more restful sleep, then this is for YOU.
Pulse Clean WA Wrist Band 
Every Home Needs At Least One
Well, here's how it works - it is simple and scientific...
Our body is made up of positive and negative ions. In Ayurveda these are referred to as “heat” and “cold”. Whenever there is an imbalance, normally heat is more, and the body has excess positive ions. This causes tiredness, pain, sleeplessness, irritation, and stress. 

Pulse Clean solves this problem in an extremely elegantly simple and scientific way… 
Pulse Clean WA is a wrist band that is made of tourmaline semi-precious stones that emit negative ions. The negative ions emitted balance the body by countering the existing positive ions, thereby reduces pain, removes tiredness, gives good sound sleep, and is a major stress buster.

Pulse Clean WA is a scientific product, patented in US, made in Japan. Over 2 million people are using Pulse Clean in Japan. 

All Pulse Clean products are anti-radiation and are eco-friendly.

We InfoSree are authorized sole distributors in India.

We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Formulated With
YOU In Mind.
Use Pulse Clean WA as directed for 30 days. And if you aren’t a believer, simply return the product – even if it’s used – and we’ll give you a complete refund. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Either Pulse Clean WA Works For You
Or You Shouldn’t Have to Pay For It.
Don’t Spend Another Day Suffering.
Order Pulse Clean WA Now.


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